How to Help Him Last Longer In Bed comments 24 Apr 2019  Dear escorts, you’ve probably had your fair share of guys who lasted less than five minutes in bed, right? Not every man knows how to delay an orgasm, and many don’t even care for that. They come, they have sex, then [more...]
Car Sex - Tips and Positions comments 04 May 2019  Getting it on in your car or your client’s can be lots of fun way if you know how to do it. Sex in a vehicle can be challenging if you’re completely clueless about what works and what doesn’t for both you and [more...] [more...]
o swallow or not to swallow semen, that’s the question. Many of you probably don’t mind swallowing your partner’s sperm, but others most likely prefer to spit it because they think it’s disgusting or bad for your health. Guys love it when the women who suck them ingest their semen. [more...]
No matter if it’s Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter, you will inevitably find yourselves sleep deprived. Every season can turn into a very busy period for you. Attending to the needs of a client may be fun and all, but it can also get tiresome. Summer has been an especially busy [more...]
here are no two women who like the same things in bed. By default, that extends to the kind of orgasm they experience during a passionate encounter with a client. Some of you ladies have probably enjoyed only vaginal delights so far while others climax only when anal penetration is [more...]